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Playboy Covers
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Playboy Covers
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Playboy Covers
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Playboy Covers
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Playboy Covers
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About the Playboy Covers of the World Project

The Project

This site is the most complete resource for cover images of international editions of Playboy Magazine - all 47 editions of them, including USA. At this moment I have 8770 covers and it's growing every day. To learn more about the history of Playboy magazine, read the Playboy FAQs at the Playboy Enterprises web site and visit the Playboy page on Wikipedia.

I hope that this site will fit well with the other private Playboy resources available on the 'Net. At inception, it was the only one of its kind though other sites have cropped up in the last few years, several of which obtained their covers from this site. It is an adult oriented site due to its subject matter. I would classify the site as a "non-sexual adult site." Neither in content nor advertizing will you find depictions of sexual behavior. However, I have still labeled the site with ICRA to provide the proper filtration as it is definitely NSFW.

If you are a collector of Playboy's international editions or know someone who is and have access to a scanner, please contribute to this project by sending your cover images via email. Images should be in .jpg format and the resolution should be a minimum of 600 x 450 (H x W). I will give credit for your contribution if you desire. To those individuals who have contributed, a big "Thanks! And keep 'em coming!"


The site design and concept is my own original work and I reserve all rights to it. The Rabbit Head symbol and likenesses and the word "Playboy" are registered trademarks of Playboy Enterprises, Inc. Those marks are presented here only because of this site's subject matter and are not meant to convey any affiliation with PEI. I do not, and will never, publish any photographs, either on this site or in private emails, from within the magazine so please do not ask. I realize that most of the cover photographs are still under copyright by their respective owners. I believe my use of them falls under the broad stroke of "fair use" (see Wikipedia's definition of fair use) since all covers are low resolution and all Playboy marks present on the covers are clearly visible and identifiable. Playboy nor it's companies or affiliates have authorized or endorsed this project. It's simply for the benefit of those who collect the magazine.

The Webmaster

This site has been put together by me, a Playboy collector. It is intended for the benefit of other collectors and anyone interested in using this site as a point of reference. If you enjoy the site, please consider making a small donation or utilizing the ads to purchase Playboy products or join some of the web sites.

The Covers

The covers presented on this site are, to the best of my knowledge, accurately displayed by country, month, and year. Unfortunately, in a fair number of cases, the quality of the cover is so poor it is virtually impossible to positively identify it. I may resort to the process of elimination to determine country, month, and/or year. If you find any discrepancies, please let me know.

The Cover Models

With a great deal of research and thumbing through my own collection, I have identified many of the models that have appeared on the covers. When there is more than one model on the cover, the general rule of thumb is the most prominent model is listed first. The rest are listed as they appear from left to right and top to bottom. Help is always appreciated so if you see an 'unknown' cover and you know who the model is, let me know.

How to Navigate

It's very easy to get around. Each page has a vertical menu bar on the left. The main pages have a link to each major section of the site. Each country has its own menu bar in a box that allows you to select any year of covers you want to see. To view the large covers, simply click on the thumbnail image and a larger image will load on the right.

Number of Covers

The total number of covers I have for any particular country will be found on the main Country Index page. It's the number to the right of the country. Each Country's Main page also has the total. This number does not represent the total number of issues that have been published in that country, rather it's the number of covers I have on the site.


I am very particular about what appears in the ad areas. I will not put a bunch of junk in there just to make a buck. I hope that it provides an additional service and does not detract from the spirit of my site. At this time I do not utilize pop-up or pop-under ads. I detest web sites that unknowingly subject you to pop-up hell. The only time you'll get a pop-up window is when you are ranking covers or playing games. Although my site is entirely free, I wouldn't complain about generating a few clams in commissions so please visit a sponsor once in a while or make a donation.